Reroll Wiki

Before Story - Age 14[]

Chapter 35, Chapter 36[]

  • ???
  • Generation: Sun - Brings a sun into existence at the users location. Immunity to heat.
  • Enhancement: Intelligence - Increased intelligence.
  • State Change: Phasing - Allows the user to phase through objects.
  • Touch: Midas - Convert organic matter into gold.
  • Biokinetic Aura: Monster - Changes anyone within range into a horrific being that will obey the users commands.
  • Eye Power: Heat Beam - A thin continual beam of yellow light erupts from the users eyes.
  • Touch: Matter Ripple - The user sends increasingly larger ripples surging through anything they are in contact with.
  • ....
  • Geas: Conceptual - Enforce a mental command on the target that transcends loops, but weakens over time.

Story Start - Age 21[]

Chapter 1[]

  • Geas: Conceptual - Enforce a mental command on the target that transcends loops, but weakens over time.

Chapter 4[]

  •  ???
  • Teleportation: Line of Sight - User is able to instantly appear at a location they are able to see, they must pass through all spaces in between.
  • Telekinesis: Milk - User is able to manipulate milk telekinetically.

Chapter 6[]

  • Physical Mutation: Six Arms. - Enhanced Strength, Invulnerability.
  • Eye Power: Vanish - Removes inorganic matter from the physical world and stores it in a pocket space for later retrieval.

Chapter 9[]

  • Self Multiplication: Homunculi - Generates slaved automatons that possess increased physical abilities and are capable of self multiplication.

Chapter 12[]

  • Time Stop: Cooldown - The user stops time, while retaining the ability to move and perceive their surroundings. Each second spent in stopped time increases the cooldown by one second before the power may be used again.

Chapter 16[]

  • Energy Augmentation: Hyperkinetic - The user has an intrinsic understanding of movement and combat. They possess a well of internal energy that can be used to increase the users speed, power and reflexes. The energy can also be expelled from the body. Overuse of this ability puts a great strain on the users heart.

Chapter 19[]

  • Telekinesis: Hydra Hands - The user possesses invisible, telekinetic limbs. If a limb is destroyed it will multiply. Enhanced Multitasking.

Chapter 26[]

  • Absorption: Kinetic Energy - The user possesses a core in their body, any kinetic force applied to the user is negated completely and absorbed into the core. The user grows stronger and more durable the more energy is absorbed. Increased Aggression. Lowered inhibitions. Must continually absorb energy otherwise the stored power will drain away.

Chapter 31[]

  • Minion: Tri-Orb - Three orbs follow the user, and each possess a singular function that can be activated on the users command. Improve Condition. Protection. Attack.

Chapter 37[]

  • Object Improvement: Merging - The user gains the ability to discern the attributes of objects in the world around them. These objects can be used to increase the attributes of those they are merged into. Each color denotes a different improvement. Objects will change and grow based on what it is merged with. Very low chance for a unique ability.

Chapter 41[]

  • Eye Power: Probability Manipulation & Property Enhancement - The user is able to increase or decrease the chance of something occurring, and can imbue objects with energy to help facilitate this process.

Chapter 48[]

  • Quest Power. Sensory, Offense, Defense rewards.

Chapter 50[]

  • Time Travel Power. White hair.

Chapter 52[]

  • Hair Generation & Manipulation.

Chapter 54[]

  • Mirror Power.

Chapter 55[]

  • Internal Energy Field & Eye Power: Adoptive Muscle Memory.