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Crescendo Inc[]

The company, and development team that is responsible for the international phenomenon known as Crescendo.

Known Employees

Hero Headquarters[]

A international organization that recruits, trains and deploys heroes within cities via a local branch system.

Setalite City Branch[]

137 Heroes. 194 Support Staff.

Deployment and Structure Officer.[]

Responsible for designing the team makeup, the structure, the rosters, and deployment for all the heroes at the Setalite branch.

  •  ???
  • Mareke Safar

Known Teams

Arrot City Branch[]

93 Heroes.

Saltwall City Branch[]

107 Heroes.

Ragdim City Branch[]

0 Heroes.


A shadowy organization that runs the black market, accessible only by an application that is invitation only. Untrackable funds, untraceable transactions, and unbreakably encrypted, Insoluble is a den of many evils. Attempts have been made to both shut down the servers, and block the application from the internet, but so far nothing has worked.

Officially the authorities have announced their ongoing attempts to dismantle the organization, but unofficially the government investigations have all but stopped. After gaining access to the application, law enforcement, government officials, politicians and heroes have all begun to use it to their own ends, much like the villains they publicly decry.

Wrightway Inc[]

A international tech company that has production facilities and offices all over the world. They are known by the layman more commonly as a land freight shipping company due to there high number of Wrightway trucks, drones, and other methods of fast, efficient delivery worldwide.